An analytical guy with penchant to solve problems

"Machines don't make decisions, but people do!" - Dr. Chris Caplice,
Sr. Research Scientist - MIT

As a supply chain practitioner, I understand the importance of choosing the right solution to address the challenges facing businesses in today's complex world. Rather than simply going for the most impressive option, I strive to help business leaders select the solution that is most appropriate for their specific needs and challenges, considering all of the relevant factors and complexities at play. Through this approach, I help businesses navigate the complexity of modern supply chains.

When working on a project, I always begin by speaking with stakeholders and conducting a stakeholder analysis to get a clear understanding of their needs and concerns. Without decision makers understanding the benefits, any advanced software or technology is just another fancy tool. I use business dynamics principles to anticipate and prepare for unintended consequences.

Effective communication is key to my work, and I pride myself on my ability to clearly and concisely explain complex concepts to a diverse audience. I believe that by avoiding jargon and using simple, clear language, I can more effectively communicate the value of a solution and build support for it.

I am always up for a challenge, and I thrive when given the opportunity to change the status quo and implement innovative solutions that drive progress and improve efficiency.

My Education

Logistics Management

Manufacturing Systems

Temporal Data Analytics

Optimization & Simulation Modelling

Project Management

Business Valuation

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Design

Supply Chain Dynamics

Supply Chain Technology & Systems

Thermal Engineering

Industrial Management

Design & Manufacturing

Master of Science
Manufacturing Systems Engineering

(University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Bachelor of Technology
Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering, Trivandrum

Supply Chain Management

(MITx on edX)

My Experience

Industrial Engineer

Bangalore, India

Sr . Program Manager Intern

Austin, TX

Graduate Assistant
UW Madison

Madison, WI

Community Volunteer
Child Rights and You

Bangalore, IN